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One of the best tools to access clients abroad for your products or services is by means of Business Agendas.


Our Business Agendas puts at your disposal potential buyers, both in Mexico and in India.


Did you know a pre-organized Business Agenda saves up to 80% on abroad sales processes, and it is 3 times more effective than trade shows alone?


We do this through a meticulous organization in the approach and analysis in order to find the right target clients who have the most accurate characteristics to buy your products or services as an end user or as a distributor (depending on the industry), saving significantly investment in time to find your right targeted buyers, importers, distributors, in addition to reducing the cost of investing in travel tickets, travel allowance, lodging, etc.

We do it for you !

We support you to save time, resources and multiply your chances of success !

Do you want to know more?

We are ready to start working on your successful growth abroad, please approach us for an initial free consultancy at

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