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During more than 2 decades, we have helped a large number of International Organizations -from
both private and public sectors including NGOs- as well as individuals, to win complex cases in very
critical scenarios, those in which no one else could guarantee a positive outcome.


Such cases involved legal matters, initiatives, hard-to-get authorizations/permits from Federal agencies in
Mexico, public image, political crisis, etc.

Our 4 core specialization areas include:


  1. Crisis Management

  2. Social Engineering 

  3. Modification of Social Perception

  4. Design and implementation of socially complex agreements

  5. Lobbying with any Official Agency


Our level of relationships in the key influencing sectors in Mexico -including but not limited to
political parties-, has given us a win ratio of 90% in more than 22 industries like: construction,
energy, automotive, pharmaceutical & health care, mining, technology, machinery, fmcg,
aerospace, real state, finance, banking, education, it, agriculture, chemicals, entertainment,
media, among others.

Discretion and massive success strategies are our standard bearers.
Contact us to find out if we are a good fit for your ongoing challenges.

We will be glad to assist you at
Margarita Garcidueñas
Chief Strategy Officer

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